Education in a real life

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I often hear – Education gives a chance. And what is this chance? In the course of This have a piece of paper. Diploma. You would like to get, getting on your way through other papers.

And here you are, after 16 years of study (the average) out in the real world and understand that your paper was only your illusion.

It would be useful in that fantasy world that you drew in my head, all 16 years. Where you kick opened the door of a large company, the Director threw on the table a sign and you were welcomed with open arms. Where there was a million of the same people with the same pieces of paper, where any job was always the place. Where you were needed.


You come into the real world. What? How do you help pass a banal interview with the head of your paper?

How do you help your paper at least find this agent?

And now, a week after graduation when you’re glad and pobuhat, you know that ass has only just begun. And 16 best years of your life, your youth is in your hands, in the form of paper.

But that’s not all. Not being discouraged, you’re focusing another year looking for a job and finally find her. Then get some game. And so passes quickly for another 40 years of your life.

And now, sitting in a rocking chair and staring at the TV, you accidentally change the channel and run into some show where guys 20 years skydive. Smile and try to remember any memorable moment in their lives. And then your smile will fade away. Because it was not her life. All the time that was allotted to you, you’re fucked.

Did as have others. But not to you. He lived at the finished script: Study => Job=> Family=> Death. The scenario in which we have lived millions. Millions with stupid ideals and stupid dreams, imposed by the same crowd as them. Living with the illusion of order. The idea that everything is going as it should. But you will understand. All of a sudden. And it’s too late. Understand that truly lived by those whom you believed idiots. Those “normal” people avoided. And you realize that all this time you never lived, only existed.

You don’t think I’m the same as you. I also got a fucking piece of paper. She even was useful to me at work. Yeah, I worked in the specialty! Well and to sense? What do I get? Every day he went to where to go not want to communicate with those with whom to communicate is not wanted, and did what… well karoche you understand. Came home, and damn it, instead of resting again did a shit job! As a result, no time to rest, take a walk, watch a movie with my wife. Not one minute to spare, that is really interesting.

Shortly, sent the head, quit fucking started to work on the Internet. They look at me as a leper, they say ay ay ay how is it then, without a job. And I? What am I? And I don’t care! I love my job, I have time for family and I’m in a rush.

What I is. To the fact that in our modern world all shout education! Cum! Many forget that it is just a piece of paper. What morality? And XS. You decide, do what you want. Hakuna Matata! Peace to all! I have to sleep!

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